Cooperation with designers

Cooperation with designers is an element of the company's Quality Policy and a key area of activity, necessary for the proper realization of projects. Design support is often necessary for professional assembly of sports equipment.


We have our own design facilities, so we can meet the highest requirements posed to us by sports facilities: sports and auditorium halls, gyms, schools, playgrounds, sports stadiums, outdoor and indoor gyms and fitness rooms. A safe, functional and aesthetics public facility, especially sports, requires special supervision and attention.

Our work begins before the creation of the project. Our many years of experience and certified products (from almost every sport discipline) allow us to provide consultancy at the first stage of cooperation - on the choosing the right equipment and matching it to a sports facility. We not only answer all questions and doubts, suggesting optimal solutios, but also provide all neccessary information, cost estimate and documentation materials.


Cooperation with designers allow us to provide visualizations of the object before starting the actual work. At the same time, the investor has the ability to personalize products and adapt them to their own needs and preferences, regardless of the type of sports facility being equipped. We strive to meet the criteria of safety, aesthetics and compliance with applicable regulations.

Working in the universal Autodesk environment (AutoCAD, Inventor) allows us to establish cooperation with architects or designers responsible for infrastructure (construction engineers, contractors). Design support also allows us to properly install our own equipment. Our fitters have a set of instructions necessary for efficient work , being able to consult the design department at any time.