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  • Słupki do siatkówki stalowe, malowane, w kolorze żółtym. Stalowe słupki wykonane z specjalnego profilu kwadratowego o wymiarach 80x80 mm, mocowane w tulejach stalowych osadzanych w podłożu.Zastosowano w nich bezpieczne urządzenie naciągowe w postaci bębna, na który nawijana jest linka siatki, co zapewnia bardzo łatwe zakładanie i napinanie siatki za...

  • Beach volleyball posts, aluminum, 120x100, paintedPurpose: Outdoor pitches, especially with sand surfaces.Professional beach volleyball posts equipped with a smooth adjustment of the net height Made of ribbed aluminum profile with a cross section of 120 x 100 mm The posts are powder coated in yellow RAL 1023 The device enables smooth adjustment of...

  • Recreational beach volleyball posts with covers (foldable).Easy to use and quick to assemble beach volleyball set, packed in a handy bag.     Easy to transport    It does not require a sleeve or other mounting elementsThe set includes:    Aluminum posts with covers    Pegs for fixing    Cover for herring    Rubber hammer    Bag for the whole set

  • Beach volleyball referee. Basic information:    The stand is made of thin-walled steel pipes with a diameter of 35 mm and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm    The frame of the platform is made of steel profiles 30x30x1.5 mm, a 14 mm multilayer plywood board is bolted to it, which is covered with a non-slip carpet    The structure is powder coated in a standard...

  • Made of steel, hot-dip galvanized, easy to install. The set also includes wooden squares impregnated to bury in the sand.

  • Mounting sleeve for a steel post for beach volleyball.    Designed for steel posts made of 80x80 mm profile.    Made of steel, protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing.    Easy to assemble.    Length 1 m.    Price per item.

  • Steel post mounting sleeve made of steel.     Hot dip galvanized    Easy to assemble    The set also includes wooden, impregnated edge elements to be placed in the sand

  • A table tennis set consisting of two rackets and three balls.    Sport Plus Fighter rackets designed for experienced players.    Anatomical handle.    Cladding: 1.5 mm.    Layers: 5.    Material composition: wood, PU foam, rubber.parameters:Speed: 12/20Control: 17/20Rotation: 10/20

  • The lid masking the sleeve of the steel post 80x80 mm on the outdoor court.     Steel lid, hot-dip galvanized    Purpose - outdoor pitches

  • Dekiel maskujący owalną tuleję słupka aluminiowego. Stalowy dekiel maskujący tuleję słupka aluminiowego Przeznaczenie - boiska zewnętrzne

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items