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Vibration platforms are the alternate for "traditional" fitness exercises. Regular exercise allow you to increase metabolism, get rid of the subcutaneous fat, strenghten tendon, joints and improve circulation. The additional electronic masagers' adventage is no stress on the joints and spine, which allows them to use by persons having this kind of problems.

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  • ST780 Adjustable Bench Vision Fitness bench.     Purpose: Full Professional    Dimensions: 155 x 66 x 48 cm    Weight: 45 kg    Load: 300 kg    Backrest adjustment    Seat adjustment in 3 positions    Footrest adjustment    High-quality, durable upholstery    Wheels for easy transport

  • Swimming goggles    Adult training goggles,    Equipped with the SpeedFit system that allows for quick and precise adjustment of the strap along with the possibility of adjusting the nose piece.    This allows the glasses to be adapted to any face shape.    Additional advantages are resistance to fogging and eye protection against UV radiation.

  • VIB3 BH Fitness YV25TM vibration platform.Basic information:    Dimensions: 58 x 68 x 134 cm    Weight: 57 kg    User weight: 150 kg    Vibration type: Dual Fit    Number of users per day: 1-8 people    Usage: Intensive    Power: 2 DC motors of 300W and 500W    Platform dimensions: 51 x 68 cm    Display: LED    Vibration frequency: 60 levels 5-30 Hz...

  • Vibrating platform BH Fitness VIBRO GS SE YV20RS.Basic information:     Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 134 cm    Weight: 68 kg    Maximum user weight: 150 kg    Type of vibration: In 3 planes (this type of vibration eliminates cellulite more easily and offers more intensive training than platforms vibrating in 2 or 1 plane)    Power: 2 x 150W AC    Display: GSR:...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items