Telescopic tunnel for football field


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Tunnel always made for measure, individual project adapted to the needs of the object. tunel-teleskopowy-konstrukcja

  • Steel construction consist of main framed and connectors
  • Main frame made of steel profile 30 x 30mm, 35 x 35mm and steel pipe
  • Connectors made of steel plate 3mm thick bent into a universal shape on a press brake
  • Plastic -rubber wheels (optionally polyamide rolls) are the running system of the tunnel, attached to the main frame. 
  • PCV cover  with certificate of fireproof, any colour availabe, (information about available colours in sales department)
  • possibility to make individual print on the cover.
  • Whole construction is equiped with system of locks stiffening the whole structure after unfolding

Size and weight:

  • Width of the tunnel 300 cm (production of wider tunnel possible after consultation with technical department) 
  • Height max 300cm (production of higher tunnel possible after consultation with technical department)
  • Length: mininal langth order 300cm. Tunnel longer that 500cm require guiding rail.
  • Max length of the single module till 120cm 
  • Weight depends on dimensions in range 100-200kg

Extending and sliding the tunnel

  • Tunnel is extending and sliding manually
  • To perform these activities, two people are required who, grasping the front frame and pull
  • evenly
  • In the event that high resistance is felt when sliding out, check  the road frame has no obstacles or that the tunnel lock is loose
  • After opening the tunnel, it must be blocked. The locking mechanism is inside it on every other frame


Use and maintenance

  • The tunnel should be permanently attached to the ground or wall. After installing the tunnel, the user is not required to take any other action than care and maintenance. Any loading of the tunnel is strictly prohibited
  • The floor under the tunnel should be kept clean. It is recommended to clean it before extending and sliding of the tunnel
  • Tunnels installed with rail it is recomended to clean rail insaide, to avoid failure of moving parts
  • The condition of the tunnel components should be periodically checked and if any defects are found, they must be removed immediately


Information about surface for tunnel installation:

  • Surface should be flat and hard enough, able to bear weight of the tunnel
  • In order to get detailed price offer please contact our sales department and send us dimensions of required tunnel


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