Steel volleyball posts with a tubular base

Universal steel volleyball posts with a frame base.
The post system is intended mainly for use in sports halls where the installation of the sleeve is difficult, e.g. in the case of halls on the ceiling.

  • Steel posts made of a special square profile 80x80 mm, set on a frame base, enabling quick and safe installation to the floor using knob screws screwed into the plate brands embedded in the floor
  • Thanks to the use of thin-walled profiles made of high-strength steel, the weight of the post with the base is relatively low (approx. 25 kg), which is important in the case of frequent assembly and disassembly
  • The post is fixed to the ground with a knob screw, screwed into the plate brand embedded in the sports hall floor
  • The large surface of the bottom frame profiles lies safely on the floor, without the risk of damaging its surface. After dismantling with the posts, you can drive to the warehouse thanks to the plastic wheels installed at the back of the frame
  • All elements are safely finished, protruding elements are covered with plastic caps, which ensures safe use
  • All post elements are powder coated or galvanized, which ensures long-term corrosion resistance
  • The tensioning device in the form of a drum on which the net rope is wound ensures safe and easy use
  • The construction of the posts allows you to set the net at any height in the range of 106 - 245 cm, which allows them to be used for playing volleyball, tennis and badminton

The sets of posts include:

  • A post with a base, equipped with a tensioning device with an upper roller to hook the line and a set of holders for tying the net guy lines
  • A post with a base, equipped with a set of grips for attaching the line and tying the mesh guy lines
  • Crank for tightening the net