Football goals 7.32 x 2.44 m - training, aluminum, portable

Football goals with dimensions of 7.32 x 2.44 m - training, aluminum, portable. Made according to FIFA standards, meeting the most stringent quality requirements.

Basic product features:

  • Portable full-size gates, made of a special oval aluminum profile 120/100 mm with double reinforcement ribs
  • The surface of the profile is powder coated in white
  • The connection of the goal with the lower frame guarantees its stability
  • The goals are fixed to the ground with pin holders
  • The goal arches are made of a steel profile with a cross-section of 35x35 mm, the bottom crossbar is made of a 40x40 mm profile
  • Folding arches enable their quick assembly and disassembly and facilitate storage
  • The depth of the goal (according to the dimensions of the net) is: 80 cm at the top and 120 cm at the bottom
  • All metal elements of the goals except the main frame (i.e. folding arches and the bottom crossbar) are made of steel and galvanized
  • The main frame is connected at the corners with steel connectors
  • The net is attached to the goal frame with safe and easy-to-use plastic UMOS grips
  • The goal is made in accordance with the FIFA standard, has a certificate of compliance with the Polish Standard (PN quality mark)

The price does not include nets and pin holders necessary for the correct installation of the goals.