The HYDROPLAY CLUB overrun basket, manually folded hydraulically

"HYDROPLAY CLUB" overrun basket basketball system, oleodynamic.

  • Powder coated steel structure
  • All moving parts, hinges and joints are equipped with anti-friction bearings
  • Adjustable arm and backboard height
  • Automatic folding and unfolding of the structure by using the console of the oleodynamic discharge pump (manually)
  • It has protection against automatic folding and unfolding
  • When folding and unfolding the backboard, it always remains in the same position, which allows you to play mini-basketball (260 cm)
  • The running gear consists of two movable and two fixed wheels
  • Covers covered with PVC material
  • 12mm safe glass board with bottom edge cover
  • Tilting net hoop
  • Reach 230 cm
  • FIBA approval
  • Weight of one basket approx. 800 kg