Tilting structure with lashings, for boards 120x90 cm, folded to the side

Tilting basketball structure with lashings, for backboards 120 x 90 cm, folded to the side.

The design allows you to fold the basketball backboard horizontally against the wall by manually pulling the blockade with a special handle.

  • The structure is made of powder coated closed steel profiles
  • Fixed to the supporting structure of the facility
  • The construction materials used ensure safety, comfort of use and stability of the boards with hoops
  • Designed for mounting all types of backboards with a distance of 220 to 550 cm from the front of the backboard to the wall
  • It is also produced in versions where part of the structure is permanently attached and part is folded to the wall
  • FIBA standard
  • PN-EN quality certificate