Suspended structure with electric drive

The suspended structure of the boards 105x180 cm with electric drive is attached to the supporting structure of the sports hall ceiling.
Intended for use in sports halls with a length of more than 36.0 m and a height of the bottom surface of the ceiling up to 10 m.

  • It is made of closed steel profiles which guarantees full rigidity and stability
  • As a standard, the structure folds towards the outside of the pitch (backwards), but in some cases, especially in halls with a length of less than 36 m, we design baskets folded towards the pitch (forward), with individual folding geometry adjusted to the dimensions of the halThe backboard mounting structure is lowered and lifted by means of steel ropes wound on the drum of the electric motor with a voltage of 230V P = 410W
  • After lowering, the board is placed vertically (the height of the rim in relation to the ground - 3.05 m / 2.6 m, equipped with a height adjustment mechanism)
  • The motors are controlled by means of control buttons placed in the cassettes or by means of wireless remote controls
  • The weight of one structure lowered together with the board is 250 - 350 kg
  • PN quality certificate (Polish Standard)
  • The structures and systems of mounting basketball backboards are adapted to the existing structure of sports halls. In the case of inquiries (especially in the case of a suspended structure), please send reliable documentation (drawing of the girder, floor plan of the hall) or describe the roof structure and specify the dimensions of the hall