The Quality Policy

The company's activities is determined by the way it meets the needs of its clients. The SPORT PLUS Quality Policy consists of many elements related to the company's operation on the market, its mission and the way it fulfills its obligations.

Achieving selected company goals requires conscious responsibility for the products offered.

The SPORT PLUS Quality Policy consists of:

1. Knowledge necessary to achieve the intended goals.
Understood both as the company's unique "know-how" (forms of bussines management, information flow, sales etc.) employing qualified staff who understand their tasks, perform them at a high level and expand their competences.

2. Appropriate quality of delivered goods and components.
Almost all the products we offer have appropriate certificates, guaranteeing their long-term and safe use. Specified quality requirements also apply to suppliers of our components and materials.

3. Modern infrastructure facilities.
The production and assembly of sports equipment is carried out using modern equipment. This allows us to maintain process repeatability, respond to changing market and maintain continuity of supply.

4. Timeliness in the implementation of deliveries and services.
Complex projects require coordination of supplies, work performed and sometimes cooperation with public institutions. Our presence on the market for several years has allowed us to get to know these processes from the base.