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Currently displayed section contains all the necessary assortment to equip the court and prepare it for the game. Next to high-quality tennis posts (made of aluminum or steel profile) there are tape for marking tennis court, referee stands and additional accessories, such as singles supports, adjustment tapes or polyethylene blends used to protect courts from wind.

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  • Tennis post made of aluminium oval profile 120 x 100mm installed in ground sockets.  Post equiped with placed inside tension system with a trapezoidal screw and the snap wheel Hooks on the opposite post  High quality confirmed by a certificate. Note:Set don't include ground sockets either lids, which are available as a separate products. 

  • Tennis post made of aluminium,  Premium    Made of aluminium square profile 80 x 80 mm     Post equiped with placed inside tension system with a trapezoidal screw and the snap wheel     Hooks on the opposite post      Installed in ground socketsNote: Set don't include ground sockets  (nr kat. 2-04-1) either lids (nr kat. 2-62),  which are available...

  • Single net support Single net support made of thin-walled steel pipe length 107cm  Powder painted silver  Finished with a half-round eye under the net Price for a pair

  • Tape for marking tennis courtpolypropylene tape. Total length allows to mark single/double court.  Set include pins for installation.  Tape available in two colours: red, blue. 

  • Tennis line SPECIALA II for marking tennis court Set of PCV tennis line for marking whole court, 6 rolls.  Set include: fasteners, pins and wedges for installation.  Destination: brick courts Made of PCV, non slip.   T line, center line and servis line 50 mm width Side lines 40 mm width Every 28 mm placed holes 4 mm wide Set designed for self-assembly.

  • Center strap for tennis netDesigned for installation in the center of the net  Made of polyester fabric.  Finished with a stainless carabiner.

  • Lid to cover ground sockets of oval tennis post.Made of steel, galvanized.  Purpose - outdoor courts.

  • Floor frame with lid A floor lid masks holes made for installation of ground sockets.  Stell frame galvanized.  The lid is made of parallel-layer plywood The store's offer also includes lids with a reduced level of the insert, which allows you to glue the original floor, milled from the sports hall. To make a purchase, please contact the sales...

  • Tennis court surround net for protection agains wind and sun.with metal eyelets about every 50 cm,breathable.  Don't damage the surface on which it is hung. 56 snap hooks supplied loose with every surround. Reinforced all the way around with metal eyelets about every 50 cm. Available colours: dark greeen, bright green. Size:Length: 12 m. Width: 2 m.

  • Mobile, portable tennis set. Made of aluminium ribbed, oval, profile 120 x 100 mm Posts equipped with tension system with adjustable net height.  The running gear mounted on the trolley facilitates positioning and transport of the posts Mounted on a portable base with a load (30 kg each post), Connected with aluminium beam made of ribbed profile 80 x 80mm 

  • A very convenient handle for storing tennis posts.The handle design is adapted to the user's requirements and local assembly conditions.Price for a pair.

  • Mounting sleeve for tournament aluminum post 120 x 100 mm.     Length 40 cm    price per item

Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items