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Section "Football field equipment" contains number of accessories that are neccessary to responsible preperation and game field maintenence. You can find here both line chalking carts (simple, pressure, chalking), posts sets and also flags defining important field points. Next to them the tapes were placed delineating the playing field and its beach variety.

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  • Tiltable field post with a flag.The set includes:    A 150 cm long stick made of plastic.    Flag with a clip for fastening.    Built-in tilt mounting made of metal, ended with a pin to be embedded in the ground.

  • Tunnel always made for measure, individual project adapted to the needs of the object.Steel construction consist of main framed and connectors Main frame made of steel profile 30 x 30mm, 35 x 35mm and steel pipe Connectors made of steel plate 3mm thick bent into a universal shape on a press brake Plastic -rubber wheels (optionally polyamide rolls) are...

  • Professional, tilting corner flag.    Made of materials that prevent injuries, according to FIFA requirements.    The pivoting mechanism guarantees that the flag returns to its initial position after an impact.    A post with a diameter of 30 mm.    The set includes a plastic sleeve, a flag and a flag clip.

  • Professional, tilting corner flag.    Made of materials that prevent injuries, according to FIFA parameters    The pivoting mechanism guarantees the return of the flag to its starting position    Yellow post with a diameter of 50 mm    The set includes a plastic sleeve and a flag

  • Tape delimiting the field for playing beach soccer.    Polypropylene tape.    The total length of the tape allows you to designate a pitch measuring 27.5 m x 36 m.    Pegs securing the tape included.

  • Tape delineating the football field.    Polypropylene tape.    The total length of the tape allows you to delimit the playing field 17x27 m (tapes in a different size are subject to a separate valuation)    Complete with pegs for fixing.    The tape is available in blue and red.

  • Professional trolley for painting lines with emulsion paint, with a tank capacity of 12 liters.    The tank is equipped with a plastic pump.    The maximum possible pressure in the tank is up to 3 bar.    The painting width is not adjustable and is set to 10 cm.    The painting process is possible thanks to a hand lever mounted on the right side of the...

  • Metal trolley for chalking lines.    The trolley is used to mark the pitch lines.    Equipped with three wheels with a wide tread to facilitate its handling on the pitch.    It has a line width adjustment (5 or 10 cm).    Suitable for the use of chalk and lime.Dimensions:Width: 65 cm.Height: 90cm.Length: 120

  • Line paint on the field.Water-resistant and frost-resistant high-quality paint intended for marking turf.     The concentrate contains a binder and dye that provide the appropriate level of resistance and brightness    Dilutable with water in the proportion of 1: 7    For use with all types of spray equipment    Drying time: 20 minutes    Packaging: 10...

  • Pitch line painting trolley.    The trolley is equipped with a system of rollers, which in a simple way evenly apply paint (emulsion) with a constant width of 10 cm to the pitch.    Moving on the pitch is facilitated by two pumped wheels.    One full tank allows you to paint a dimensional football field.Additional technical data:    Tank capacity 15...

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