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Trybuna teleskopowa audytoryjna

We are a supplier of telescopic tribunes based on a modern folding system.
Our tribunes are characterized by modern design and high look. The designing methods used by us allow us to customize all the material, geometric and dimensional parameters of the grandstands, such as the level difference, row spacing, module length, seat spacing, so we can adapt the grandstand to the stylistic expectations and individual architectural conditions of the facility.


System Description
The system is dedicated for auditoriums, cinemas, theatres, as well as for sports halls to use in niches under balconies. A characteristic feature of this grandstand system is that after folding we get a flat surface, made of front panels along the entire height of the tribune. The platforms are built from the first row, each next platform have a level difference of min. 300 mm, each stairway is equipped with an intermediate step with a height of half of difference (150 mm).
The advantage of the construction of our system is that the first lowest platform in the grandstand, which is entered, has a height of only 168 mm, so there is no need to add intermediate steps in front of the grandstand each time (the maximum height of the step is 175 mm for this type of facilities).

Trybuna składana

Seat installation system

Swivel joints enable quick upright positioning of the seat modules. The putting-down of the seats is done by quick pulling back the locks against accidental folding,  and unblocking the rotation by foot-pressing the strip located under the seats, which allows the seat-sets  to be laid flat.
Next, the seat modules are quickly raised by raising them, the position is locked automatically, all you need to do is press and lock  the additional position locks with your foot to prevent accidental folding during use.

Fotele VIP tappicerowane, SPORTPLUS FLIP


The SPORTPLUS FLIP ® seats are a dedicated type of chair for the telescopic stands of the TT-ALFA system.  The armchairs are intended for installation in high-class sports and entertainment facilities, as well as in cultural facilities (cinemas, theatres). The gravitational folding mechanism with movable backrest ensures comfortable and ergonomic use, and saves the space between rows.
The structure of the armchairs is made of laser-cutted steel and intermediate pylons common to subsequent armchairs. Profiled backrest made of plywood bent to a radius of R850 mm, thickness 10 mm, fully upholstered. Backrest fixing part made of 3 mm thick sheet metal, bent R850 mm. The back plate protects the back material from dirt at the back.
Seat filled with polyurethane foam, fully upholstered, with an embroidered number of place on the frontal surface (optional).
Armrest integrated with the whole, common to neighboring places. The spring assisted system of lowering and raising of the armrests, works automatically when any of the closest seats are occupied. Steel armrest construction, wooden finish with varnished / stained plywood 255x50 mm, thickness 10 mm, bent in the front to a radius of R50 mm.
All mechanical connections are made of polyamide plain bearings (no contact between steel and steel).
Dimensions of the armchairs:
Axial spacing of seats: 525 mm
Seat depth: 500 mm, backrest height above the seat - 500 mm.
Height of raised/occupied chair: 910 mm, lowered/unoccupied: 790 mm.
Total depth of the raised/occupied chair: 600 mm, lowered/unoccupied: 160 mm.

Fotele składane, trybuna teleskopowa

The supporting structure of the stands and the roller system.

The construction of the telescopic tribune is based on the system of sliding frames. The traveling frames are made of powder-coated steel profiles, the support columns are made of 80x40 mm (up to 5 rows), 100x40 (6-11 rows) or 120x40 (12-18 rows). Thanks to the polyamide roller system, the grandstand folds slightly, so it can be pulled by one person.

The driving frames are equipped with wheels and rolls:
 - traction on the floor: polyamide wheels with an additional polyurethane tread, with a diameter of 100 mm and a width of 40 mm, each equipped with two ball bearings, 4 wheels per frame.
- upper guide supports: polyamide rolls with a diameter of 55 mm and a width of 33 mm, each equipped with two ball bearings.
- lower guide, spacing and fixing the position of the frame relative to each other: polyamide with a diameter of 25 mm and a width of 10 mm, equipped with ball bearings.
Increased number of wheels means that the floor's point concentrated force is low (below 1 kN per wheel). The mobile works and moves on only polyamide rolls with ball bearings, so all steel-steel contact points have been completely eliminated between subsequent frames, which makes the folding system work lightly, smoothly, quietly and with trouble-free operation.
The supporting structure of the tribune is based on the girders made of a double 100x40 profile (200x40 mm in total), which is carries all loads of tribune.  The girders also act as risers, enclosing the platform space, which prevents objects falling from the platform under the bleacher.

Trybuna teleskopowa

Platforms and steps

Platforms made of 18 mm anti-slip plywood in brown, black or gray are mounted directly to the front and rear beams. Optionally it is possible to cover the platforms with a carpet that is fixed and finished with aluminum slats or other individual finishes.
Stairs in the staircase and intermediate steps are additionally finished with a 40 x 20 mm grooved aluminum stair profile, powder painted in the color of the structure. As standard, in the case of auditorium facilities, we offer modern LEDSTEP stair profile with a double anti-slip rope and bottom illumination in LED technology, in black or satin.

Front panels

Esthetic masking panels are installed on the front of the tribune, made of 18 mm thick gray (colored RAL 7035 or other) panel. On request, other finishing materials are also used, e.g. HPL board 8 mm, or MDF, e.g. perforated.

Safety barriers

The stands are equipped with rear, side and front barriers depending on the configuration of the stand. Side barriers are installed as standard starting from the second platform (in the first there is no need).
Rear barriers are installed when the grandstand is free-standing or when there are unprotected spaces at the back of the grandstand (e.g. when the tribune is put beside the building's columns).
In the case of permanently installed stands, alternatively, instead of rear barriers, the platform may be extended to the wall, completely closing the floor.

Side barriers can be made in several variants:
TYPE BT1: vertical barrier installed permanently - in the case of grandstands up to 5 rows.
TYPE BT2: vertical barrier removable - for stands above 5 rows.
TYPE BT3: vertical barrier articulated deflected: the railings are upright during use of the grandstand, they are unblocked for folding the grandstand and articulated deflected.
TYPE BT4: fixed diagonal railing - for stands with more than 5 rows. The railing is made with a constant deviation of approx. 10 degrees. The collision-free position of subsequent barriers during folding eliminates the need to disassemble them.
The railing frame is made of 35x35 mm square profile, frame corners bent to R99 mm radius, vertical infill made of 20x20x2 mm angle bars, max. 120 mm.

Widownia składana teleskopowa

Drive, folding

Locking the grandstand's position after sliding or retracting is done by footers with a knob (except for electric folding stands where the positions are fixed permanently by a stopped engine with a drive unit)
Stands (up to 5 rows) are normally folded manually.
Optionally (from 6 rows as standard) we equip them with electric drive modules. The drive is a 230 / 400V three-phase motor, 0.25kW, 860 rpm, IP54, worm gear reducer i = 100. Cast iron transmission wheels diam. 200 mm with 80 mm wide polyurethane track, 70-75 Shore hardness, 2 pieces for one engine module. Depending on the configuration, one drive module supports about 6 running meters of stands. Individual drive modules work synchronously.
It is suggested to make a dedicated tribune power supply installation. In the absence of a dedicated installation, power supply and control of the stands can be done using the included power supply and control set.

Here is movie showing this system of tribunes: