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  • Stand for Olympic weights and bars.     Stand suitable for Olympic bars    Intended for use in home gyms, fitness rooms and gyms    The stand is equipped with rubber feet    Length: 71 cm    Width: 71 cm    Height: 115 cm    Number of places for bars: 6    Space for loads: 6    Suitable for a load with a diameter of 50 mm    Capacity: 300 kg

  • Stand for Body Pump HMS STR02.     Stand designed for Body Pump    It allows you to store and organize accessories in one place    It can accommodate up to 20 Body Pump sets    You can separate the barbells and loads separately    It also has a special place for clamps    Material: steel    Length: 54 cm    Width: 146.5 cm    Height: 126 cm    Designed...

  • Stand for JP-35 bars.Technical parameters• length: 72 cm• width: 110 cm• height: 130 cm• weight: 30 kg

  • Dumbbell rack - double JP-36.Technical parameters• length: 200 cm• width: 50 cm• height: 60 cm• weight: 35 kg

  • JP-38 load rack.Technical parameters• length: 105 cm• width: 105 cm• height: 100 cm• weight: 30 kg

  • P-38A load rack.Technical parameters:    length: 105 cm    width: 105 cm    height: 100 cm    weight: 30 kg    50 mm

  • Funkcjonalny, przejezdny stojak na piłki wszelkiego typu.Wykonany z malowanych proszkowo metalowych rurek. Wymiary 140 x 140 x 40 cm. Regulowane w poziomie półki pozwalają na dostosowanie szerokości do każdego rodzaju piłek. Wyposażony w obrotowe kółka.

  • Stationary rack for balls of all types.    Made of powder coated metal tubes.    Dimensions 140 x 140 x 40 cm.    Horizontally adjustable shelves allow you to adjust the width to each type of balls.

  • Stand for DOME STORAGE balance pads.     Suitable for gyms, fitness rooms, aerobics and gyms    The stand holds 6-7 balance shims    It has two wheels that can be locked    Material: metal    Scratch resistance    Height: 173 cm    Frame profiles: 30 x 30 cm    Base dimensions: 56 x 56 cm    Vertical post spacing: 30 or 40 cm    Weight: 20 kg    Available...

  • HMS STR05 fixed barbell rack.     The rack is intended for storing straight and broken barbells    It allows you to store and organize accessories in one place    Steel, double-sided stand    Holds 10 barbells    Material: steel    Length: 78 cm    Width: 91 cm    Height: 123.5 cm    Wheel length: 7.5 cm    Maximum load weight: 300 kg    Stand weight: 28 kg

  • Stojak wielofunkcyjny na obciążenia, gryfy, sztangielki.Parametry techniczne• długość: 138 cm• szerokość: 53 cm• wysokość: 98 cm• waga: 35 kg

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items