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Kort do padle - Padel court
We are manufacturer of the padel courts.

Main construction of court is made of vertical posts and horizontal beams. Postst are made of steel profile 80x80x2, and the horizontal beams made of steel profile 80x40x2 mm. Construction is installed to concrete base of the court. The frame is filled with frames made of steel grill 3.2 mm with a mesh of 36x36 mm in the fields on the gable walls and selected side panels with tempered glass of 12 mm. Aesthetic, non-hole glass fixing system at the edges, with the help of pressure profiles, ensures the safety of use and durability of the elements.

Kort do padla; paddel court

Kort do padla / Padel court

Optional doors were made of  40x40x2 steel profile and filled also with a steel mesh welded in frames. All steel elements are protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing and then powder coated. Standard colors are anthracite for poles (RAL 7024) and orange for frames with a mesh (RAL 2009).

Furtka kortu de padla | Paddle courtKort do padla z bramkami | padle court with doors

The court is made in accordance with the requirements of the International Padel Federation (FIP).
Internal dimensions of the court: length L = 20.00 m x width 10.00 m
Wymiary kortu do padla
Wymiary kortu do padla | Padel court dimensions

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  • Complete padel court.A court system that allows to play matches and conduct training sessions on a closed surface, in places usually not adapted to this type of activity. All court dimensions are adapted to the requirements of the International Padel Federation. Dimensions of the playing field: 20 m x 10 mDimensions of the whole construction: 21 m x 11...

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